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the nest essentials co.

the nest essentials co.

I see you over there... wanting so badly to find that group of women who really just get it. 
They don't roll their eyes or laugh at you when you suggest or ask questions about alternative medicine or a more natural approach.

You're tired of being quiet about where your values lie because as a mom, you would do anything to ensure you provide the best for your family  and letting fear of judgement get in the way just isn't gonna work anymore.
You're ready for empowered choices, autonomy and community with other moms who "get you". 
You probably also never thought you'd find something that had it all in one spot, did you?

Essential oils that are pure, real and so potent you can use them for most any health concern, clean and non-toxic cleaning care products, laundry items, skin care, hair care, whiter teeth care, all the things mama, right to your door along with free education to help you walk that journey. 

Or maybe it's the fact that you're looking for a way out of corporate jobs and climbing ladders and you would do anything to stay home with your kids, have more quality time with your family and still find a way to earn a real income that is stable and not driven by wall street. I got you covered there, too. 
I already know what it's like to be right where you are, because that was me just a few short years ago and I'm here to tell you, even though you're feeling like you're doing all the things and no one seems to notice, I do.
I see you and I want you to be empowered with me!

So, what's next?
Feel free to learn more about me as well as our amazing leaders who can help you with your health and wellness goals and choose the best way for you to get started!

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the nest 
essentials, co.

Grass Valley, CA




I'm Alisha,
I specialize in helping conscious moms get empowered to use natural, non-toxic solutions for everyday life.
There is an overwhelming amount of info and sources out there for what to use and who to trust and I'm here to break all that down for you, get rid of the fluff and just share the good stuff!
Wherever you are in your level of conscious living, I'm ready to meet you where you're at, help you come up with a wellness plan customized to meet your families needs and truly implement it to get results for life.
When you commit to living a doTERRA lifestyle, you'll experience transformation that you didn't even know was possible. 

Work with me!

Fun Facts about me...

I could eat chocolate, every hour of every day.

I traveled to the Deep South 3 years in a row to teach civil rights and equal justice to hundreds of highschool students.

I have a deep passion for beautiful interiors and have been an awesome interior designer for over a decade.

I plan to travel the world with my husband and kids to show them the beauty of planet Earth!

I love yoga, the smell of fresh rain and being connected to beautiful empowered women like YOU!

"we are more powerful, when we empower each other"

this is us.

oil chicks

The nest essentials isn't a one woman show y'all! Something I am so grateful for in this business is having the opportunity to work with so many amazing and inspiring women as a team!
Meet, the oil chicks!
We each run our own independent businesses but we collaborate and work together to impact people all over the world!
Take a look at our other leaders here and feel free to reach out if one of them speaks to you directly!!!


The Holistic MRS.

San Jose, CA




Rachel Newton is a Certified Integrative Health Coach and founder of The Holistic Mrs, a health and wellness company that aims to help women see their health as an investment by showing them how to take a proactive and preventative approach to their health and lifestyle. Her specialties include anxiety and depression support, hormonal imbalance, and chronic skin inflammation. Both her and her husband, Matt, have successfully created a medication-free home and have been able to support over 80% of their health needs through healthy eating, nourishing supplements, and essential oil based products. 
Rachel and her husband also love their 14 year old Dachsund/Terrier, Rocco, who loves Frankincense and the Serenity blend!

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Falcon Healing Arts

Redwood City, CA



Falcon Healing Arts

Hello! I'm Brandy Falcon and I support families on the San Francisco peninsula in their quest to find & maintain wellness naturally. 
I have an extensive background in science (M.S. Molecular Biology and worked in the biotech industry for 8 years) as well as Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Whole Food Nutrition, & Aromatherapy. This gives me an edge in helping families understand their health issues from both a Western & Eastern perspective.  
I am well aware of the increasing health challenges of our youth and how mainstream medicine can add to the toxic load we need to deal with. I'm happy to provide families with safe and effective alternative solutions.  
I'm also a homeschooling mom, an activist for parental rights, a knitter, a hiker, and love to spend time near the ocean where I'm reminded of how precious and joyful life is.

work with brandy



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