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In this class, I'll be teaching you how easy it can be to incorporate essential oils into your life  for natural health and wellness!

What we will cover:
3 cool things about essential oils
3 simple and easy ways to use oils
the basics for our top 10 oils that will solve hundreds of daily health needs!

At the end I'll teach you how you can bring oils into your own homes and even review the business opportunity for those interested in staying on to hear more!

essential oils made easy


autumn wellness edit

Preparing for the end of summer and transitioning to Fall can leave us feeling stressed and anxious..

This masterclass will be an easy lifestyle routine edit to have you feeling confident about how to prepare for the upcoming season of less daylight and colder temps. 

We'll cover:
+ 3 cool things about oils
+ 3 ways to use oils
+ a daily routine using doTERRA for healthy living

You'll also have the opportunity to learn more about the business opportunity with doTERRA at the end! 

friday, oct 16th @ 11am pst


Get your samples!

get my samples!

Before you join our online class, I'll be sending you some free samples!
Well, for one, who doesn't like free stuff?!
But in all seriousness, I know that the experience you will have actually using these essential oils during our workshop could never be felt by just listening and watching me.
I want you to literally have the chance to feel what I'm talking about in your very own home and not just "take my word for it".


Fill out the google form right now so i can pop those samples in the mail for ya!

Essential oils are being talked about everywhere these days!
People are experiencing massive transformation and feeling empowered learning about all of the effective and natural solutions they can be using at home with their families!
I see you over there...curious and wanting to learn more about these oils. You crave and desire safe and effective solutions for your children and family. You want to feel empowered because deep down you know there is a better way!
You also crave community and education and want to feel seen and heard and GIRL, I have got you covered!

people looking for natural and holistic options
people who are excited to be part of a company they feel aligned with
people who want support and education and a like minded community
current customers craving more on-going education or new people who aren't already working with someone in doTERRA!


If you answered YES to all of the above questions then you should join me in the zoom room for some fun!

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The top 10 Essential Oils
for non-toxic living