Loving dōTERRA and all the things you've been learning? It's likely every time you use an oil or hear of a use for one, a few friends or loved ones come to mind and you can't help but think, "oh, I bet this would help so and so! I wish they were here so they could learn about this with me!"

I know this because that was me back in 2013 when I bought my first kit of essential oils. I was handing them out like candy! Helping everyone I could with no intention of making a single penny, I just needed to get this plant magic into people's hands because I cared and was convinced it could maybe help them the way it helped me, too!

What you are more than likely struggling with though, is HOW in the heck to share these oils with confidence or what to even say?! To some, sharing these tools comes very naturally, others... not so much!

This is where hosting becomes your perfect solution!

Hosting a VIRTUAL dōTERRA class

I want to host!

how it works

Hosting a class is crazy easy (& fun!) and goes a little something like this...

Step One: Invite your peeps
"Hey friend, I have been using essential oils and really loving what they've done for me. I thought of you and I think you'd love them too, would you be interested in coming to a class I'm hosting?"

Step Two:  Send me your list
I'll be sending some samples and goodies to the people attending, so collect addresses and send them to me ahead of time.

Step Three: Remind your guests
The day before our class, send a friendly reminder to your guests letting them know the time of our class and how excited you are! Send them the ZOOM link to join our virtual classroom!

the natural solutions class

I'll set up our class to either be a ZOOM call OR a Facebook Event with prescheduled posts, you get to choose! Once I have that set up, we can invite your friends and family to the event and get them excited about coming!

- Share our story
- What are oils & how do they work?
- The three ways to use essential oils
- The doTERRA difference 
- Ways to get started!

Benefits of becoming a customer

goodie bag


free oils

oh, what fun!

It truly means the world to me that you've  invited your friends and family that you trust and allowed me to share this gift with others. I don't take your time or relationships for granted and I want to make sure you feel well thanked for it!

Here's what my hostess' receive for each class:
+ 10% from class pv sales in free products of your choice
+ An oil case or clutch to keep your oils handy on the go!
+ The joy of knowing you shared these beautiful oils with people you love and care for, they deserve to know about it!

hostess perks

Learn about Building doTERRA

together we will change the world, one drop at a time.

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Hosting Overview

Feel more confident that you're doing things right when you have a guide to follow?!
You're in luck!
dōTERRA has a downloadable and printable guide exactly for that!
By following the simple steps shared inside you'll easily set yourself up for a super successful and fun essential oils class!

Click the link below to download your copy!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How many people do I need to have at my class?

Q. Do I need to buy anything? How much will it cost me?

Q. What if no one shows up?

Q. How can I do what you do, Alisha?

A: As few as one person or as many as ten. I would never deny someone the opportunity to learn about doTERRA because a class isn't "big enough". However, my ideal class size is 4-6 guests!

A: I will need a pitcher and glasses for water as well as maybe two serving platters for snacks. I will supply all materials for the class itself, so you have nothing to worry about!

A: It does happen, but not often. I always try to look for the positive in any situation. No shows just means you and I get to spend time one on one to connect and enjoy some much needed time with friends!

A: Building a doTERRA business was one of the scariest but most gratifying decisions I've ever made. About 15% of all customers end up wanting to earn an income with doTERRA, feel free to ask me more!


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