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If there was anything I learned in the year 2020, it was how to dig. Digging into books and articles, digging my hands in the dirt. Digging into my soul and finding its true purpose in this life on Earth. I’m confident I’m not alone in this feeling. I know many of you reading this have also felt a deep connection into digging deeper into truth, while trying to sort through the confusion and chaos.

Many of us who are awake or slowly un-plugging from the matrix are on the hunt for solutions. How can we be more pro-active? What can we do to reduce our risk for tragedy? Does what I eat, drink, do and think affect my outcome when exposed to threats? When we are faced with critical times such as these, we can either cave to the pressures of fear, the unknown and most importantly, the invisible…or we can choose to dig deeper, think critically, live in a space of love and trust and know that there will always be a solution.

I don’t know about you, but for me it feels like every week there is a new huge surge and buzz topic being discussed, debated and remedied…and this week is no different.

This was the catalyst of writing this blog post. I felt it would be helpful to create a resource guide to share links, recipes, blend ideas and supplements to support our immune health. I also wanted to focus on the discussion around transmission of certain types of proteins (yes, you’ll need to read between the lines a bit here).

But, let me be very clear, this is NOT medical advice. I am not your doctor, nor do I claim to be. This information is science based research and is 100% your own decision what to do with it once you read it.

I encourage you to do some of your own research as well, we have access to more than ever in our history which leaves ignorance to be a choice. Sending love, compassion and trust your way!


A heavily searched recipe on the internet today…for good reason. Here you’ll find some resources for making Pine Needle Tea as well as it’s benefits. I personally am anticipating a huge surge in people buying this, so I went ahead and did some research on the chemical constituents of this tree. This way you’ll have plenty of other sources of products with similar benefits! Scroll down to find links to read more on Pine Needle Tea.

👉 Avoid All Pine, Fir and Conifer Tree Teas during pregnancy and breastfeeding 👈

So, why is everyone so hot on this tea all of the sudden? Well, because research is showing it has some potential abilities to protect the cells from man-made proteins that are possibly being circulated.

Below is a list of commonly reported symptoms from the cells being compromised:

massive headaches, micro-clots and sudden bruising throughout the body, exceptionally heavy menstrual cycles among both the young and post menopausal, miscarriages, reduction in breast milk, sterility among both women and men, household pets dying shortly after the owners get the jab.

The FOOD antidote to the transmitted m r n a contagion, that has been known of by the upper levels of the medical establishment and insiders of the elitist class for almost 100 years, is called Suramin, an isolated compound originally derived from an extract of pine needle…. There is a direct relationship between Suramin – the isolated extract of pine needles in tea (a hot water extract of the pine, fir, cedar, and spruce needles), and pine oil (which is derived from the needles though an essential oil steam distillation process).

For my heavy researchers >Antioxidant activity and analysis of proanthocyanidins from pine (Pinus densiflora) needles – RESEARCH – PROOF & FACT CHECKED HERE – https://bit.ly/2PWiZiZ

All three are derived from the properties of the conifer needle. Pine needle tea provides a similar, if not superior, benefit, due in part to the fact that it is a direct mild extract of the whole herb leaving many of its properties still intact that might be destroyed by excessive heat during distillation and further dissection of its many nutrient components. 

If you’re not familiar with plants as a natural source of medicine, you’ll want to understand that there are thousands of unique chemical constituents found in all plants on Earth and each of them have specific benefits in the body.

These are the chemical constituents of pine needle:

• a-terpineol 

• linalool

• anethole 

• carophyllene

• eugenol

ps. I’ll talk more about this topic in the next section…

Some other useful links on Pine Needle Tea: 





Essential Oils for Cell Integrity

I did some digging to see what essential oils are high in these constituents and here is what I found…

This is great news! We already have a huge collection of resources available to us using the purest, most potent essential oils in the world. So, how can you use these?

Here are some suggestions and ideas that I came up with

In the morning

add a drop of cinnamon and/or clove to your coffee or tea

(you can also just dip a toothpick for less potent flavor)

apply a drop of Balance to the soles of feet

Diffuse Eucalyptus, Petitgrain, Lavender, & Basil

In the afternoon

Take a capsule of 1 drop each Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile, Fennel & Coriander

(or see the suggested supplement list in the next section for less work)

In the evening

take a drop of Melissa under the tongue

diffuse lavender, Petitgrain and roman chamomile

Throughout the day

apply magnolia touch on inner arms, base of neck and soles of feet

Supplements & Therapeutics for Cell Integrity

SURAMIN: The benefit from the Pine comes from Suramin and Suramin comes from toluene.  After doing some research, I found this constituent is in all fir oils, cedarwood, frankincense, ginger, lime, cinnamon, spruce, arborvitae, and probably even more that I haven’t included. It is most effective with internal use. So, if you wanted too include any of these as part of your daily or weekly wellness protocol, they would be excellent choices.

GERANIUM & LEMON: I also discovered some scientific papers on studying essential oils for shmovid (intentional wording), which was quite fascinating. Please note this research is based on real cases and not a transmission occurring from someone recently jabbed to another unjabbed person. https://www.mdpi.com/2223-7747/9/6/770/htm?fbclid=IwAR3gJrQ2-TMVRXgaVGbKsdx4efdIFVN4FR_il43AW_1rQTT1sk0DnD2mwRI. I’ve been diffusing both of these oils often. I also love to add Geranium to my bathwater with some epsom salt and I am constantly adding lemon or other citrus oils to my water daily as part of my regular routine.

ANTI-PARASITICS: another very useful tool we’ve been seeing pop up a lot are treatments for parasites: a few being ivermectin, h c q  and now suramin are all used to treat blood cell parasites. Research is suggesting this is effective because it acts as a zinc ionophore (helps the cell to absorb zinc) as all the co-morbidity is zinc deficiency of which all viruses and microbes take advantage of the host when the host is deficient in zinc.

Here are some of the supplements I take that have excellent Zinc content (and some have Quercitin which is another zinc ionophore): MicroplexVMz, Bone Nutrient Complex, Yarrow Pom Complex, Alpha CRS and Mito2Max.

The Life Long Vitality Pack has both the Microplex VMz and the AlphaCRS+ as well as an excellent omega supplement called xEO mega. You can look deeper into this collection here http://www.doterra.com/US/en/education/pe/doterra-lifelong-vitality-pack?OwnerID=1073850 and order it monthly in our Loyalty Rewards Program for extra savings and perks. 

If you’re ready to get started using essential oils and do not yet have an account, you are welcome to join my community with a custom kit I created by clicking HERE. Once you’ve purchased your kit, I will receive an email letting me know you’ve joined and we can connect to schedule a free 30 minute wellness consult and go over the next steps of wellness goals for you and your family.


All obsessions, no matter what the topic, can be detrimental.

Obsessing over anything can be detrimental to our health, including obsession over staying healthy. It’s important for us to find some balance in how we navigate health in our every day life. 

Love conquers fear, always.

We all know being in a state of constant fear alone can be devastating. So, moving out of fear and into trust will be of great support for you. When we learn to trust in our own body, Mother Nature, and that God has given us knowledge and wisdom and resources right here on this Earth, we will be able to release much of the fear holding us down. We can also trust that our body was made to adapt brilliantly to it’s surroundings. For me, that took being intentional with how and where and whom I spend my time with. Pay attention to your surroundings and get clear with your boundaries and intentions so you can protect your mind and spirit.

Follow the 80/20 rule to help relieve pressures of perfection.

We try to follow the 80/20 (which is probably more like 90/10 rule in our home, to be honest). Not everything will be perfectly clean or non-toxic. Our body does have immense ability to rid itself of toxins…but we have to be aware of how much is being put in, so it doesn’t overflow. Having control over what’s in your home and what you consume with food is a really great place to start. If you want more help with this category, I’d love to be your advocate. I have some amazing resources, education and support groups that I run for learning all about how to detox your life at home and live empowered.

I hope the information provided here gives you some interesting insight, things to look into as well as some peace of mind and confidence that we don’t need to operate from a place of fear. Looking forward to continuing this journey of holistic health, healing and prosperity with all o

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