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Are you searching for natural focus remedies for kids? Mama, you’re not alone. Millions of parents all over the world are now homeschooling, distance learning or some version of the two. With this new adventure, also comes with it new needs, stresses and desires to support our children as best we can.

One of the things I see people talking about and asking for the most is help with focus and concentration. I personally don’t believe children (or even adults really), were designed to stare at a screen to truly learn, engage and absorb. However, we are being put to the task of doing what we need to for this chapter in life.

I’ve put together some of my top tips and advice on natural focus remedies for kids, because I know it will help many of you out there just like it has helped me!

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Tip #1: Supplement

Our diets are almost always lacking critical minerals, vitamins and healthy fats for optimal health. Ensuring your kids start off the day with bio-available nutrients, healthy omegas and high quality pro-biotic for good gut health are the foundation for success!

Did you know? Our gut health is directly linked to our mental health and focus? If your kids don’t eat plenty of raw, organic whole foods, this could be one of the contributing factors to some struggles with focus and attention. Some things to consider as part of this diet are cereals, bars, crackers, meats, cheeses and anything with artificial flavors, dyes and preservatives. Our bodies were simply not designed to thrive with these ingredients and especially children who are growing and developing all the way into their late teens.

Let me be super clear, this is not at all a judgement on you as a parent if this is primarily the diet your children eat. It can be a real struggle to get them off of processed foods and sugars and to ensure they get plenty of whole fruits and veggies!

If you’re needing some help getting more nutrients in their diet, I’d highly recommend supplementation. Even if they eat pretty clean, they likely need some boosts in all areas!

These are the supplements I give the girls everyday:

A2Z Chewable: a strawberry watermelon chewy vitamin that has all the alphabet vitamins, minerals plus an anti-oxidant blend to help fight off free radicals and improve overall well-being. Ages 2-4 I give just 1 per day, starting at age 4, increase to 2 per day.

IQmega: a wild orange infused fish oil. Has a blend of mercury free 3-6-9 omegas which are shown to increase brain health and reduce inflammation in the body. Take 1 tsp each day. If they are picky about flavors, add it to yogurt, a smoothie or fresh pressed juice ; )

PBAssist Jr.: this probiotic ain’t your typical jam. This proprietary formula is a double encapsulated formula of both pre and pro-biotic strains best for children that are designed to reach the GI where it matters most. If children have an inflamed GI from either foods, stress, or auto-immune issues, pro-biotic will be critical to their wellness routine! This one is sugar free and also strawberry-watermelon flavored. It tastes like a pixie stick, yum!

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Tip #2: Roller Blends

Using essential oils topically is an extremely safe and effective way to support the body naturally.

The other thing that is important to note here is how much we as humans, and especially our children crave connection and physical touch.

If they are super independent, they can totally use their rollers on their own and experience benefits, but you can also be the one to apply these rollers and gently massage them in for connection in a positive way.

My girls love feeling like mama is pampering them with a mini foot massage and I feel great knowing I’m supporting their little bodies with something so pure and natural.

Here are my two favorite rollers I use for focus and clarity:

Thinker: a blend of Vetiver, Peppermint, Clementine and Rosemary in a base of fractionated coconut oil to help with focus. Apply it to the base of the neck and soles of the feet and massage in. These oils are helpful to quiet the mind, increase concentration, and improve memory and confidence. It’s truly amazing to watch their little mind expand using these oils when learning!

Steady: a blend of Amyris, Balsam Fir, Coriander and Magnolia in a base of fractionated coconut oil to help with grounding the mind and body. I find much of the struggle with focus is because our children experience stress and anxious feelings and don’t know how to manage them. Apply this oil over the heart, behind the ears and on the inner arms and wrists and inhale it for help bringing them down from the clouds and feeling strong in their body.

We also have several other oils designed specifically for kids, you can check those out here.

Tip #3: Diffusing Oils

Aroma is a very powerful way to support our emotions as well as our ability to focus. The benefits are almost immediate and can be used as often as needed without any negative side effects or dependency.

The key is using pure essential oils. If you are using synthetic oils or fragrance, rather than health benefits you’ll likely suffer from head tension, m-grains or hormone imbalances as just a few of the downsides.

Using doTERRA oils will ensure you are only diffusing the real deal essential oil from plants that are harvested in their natural habitat without any fillers, pesticides, sprays or synthetics used.

Here’s a list of my fave oils for focus and attention:

Wild Orange: fantastic for uplifting the mood, encouraging feelings of confidence and cleansing the air.

Peppermint: an energizing oil that helps with alertness and is great for perking you up. This oil is also known to help with memory and concentration.

Rosemary: known to be very supportive of memory, retention and a healthy mind! I love adding this to my diffuser blends to change it up a bit sometimes!

Diffusing is one of the simplest and safest ways to get started using oils! Simply put 1-3 drops of each oil in your diffuser with some water, hit the on button and get to work!

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