the doTERRA difference

You might be thinking, isn’t doTERRA just another network marketing company, pyramid scheme, designed to help all the people at the top get rich quick and then live the good life??

If you are, you’re not alone. Many people immediately get that icky feeling, squinty face, put up walls and resist even listening as soon as they find out someone wants to talk to them about essential oils when its attached to the dreaded “mlm” industry.

Here’s the thing, now that I’ve been involved with doTERRA since 2014, I feel we are about as far from the typical MLM as humanly possible. In fact, I’d argue that doTERRA deserves it’s own category in the land of network marketing and I’ll break that down for you in today’s post.

Conventional Network Marketing

Before we dive into the model doTERRA has created for it’s consumers and advocates, lets take a quick minute to review the normal set up for network marketing, mlm companies.

Step One: Create the compensation plan first, designed to help the people who “get in early” make money fast so they are incentivized and driven by the idea of making a lot of money.

Step Two: Decide what product you will sell, to make the compensation plan legit and legal.

Step Three: Sell the opportunity of the compensation plan, using the product. Recruit, recruit, recruit.

Sound familiar?

What happens next is far too common for this industry. All the people who jon, regardless of their belief in the product, start to recruit with dreams of making big bucks. If the money doesn’t come, or people start jumping ship because the product itself wasn’t a true need, they leave and, well… everything falls apart.

You’ll find many people who have tried MLM companies have jumped from one to another as soon as the next best thing comes along, because most of them fizzle out, with very few actually sticking around long term.

Even the distributors stop buying the actual product, because they didn’t join for the product to begin with, they joined for the financial gain opportunity.

The doTERRA difference

There is a stark contrast with what happened as the owners and creators of doTERRA began their business planning.

Let’s compare:

Step One: The product came first and the product in itself was life changing.

The owners were determined to find, source and bring to life the purest and most potent essential oils in the world and it wasn’t until they figured out how, that they then had to make a very important decision….

Step Two: How do we bring it to market?

Clearly they had to think long and hard about this. Reality was there were two paths they could choose from:

Conventional Marketing: set aside a hefty budget for TV, ads, mailers, radio, billboards, stock on shelves, etc. Hiring people who are experts in language and color and psychology to convince everyday consumers they NEED what they had.


Unconventional Marketing: put the money that would have gone into all of the conventional marketing tactics and give it to the people who are sharing real life experiences in the field, touching and changing lives and creating opportunity for those who wish to partner with them.

Now, the important question I have for you is this:

Do you think it would be possible to communicate to the public what essential oils can do and have the same profound experience if they had chose conventional marketing?

I can tell you from the hundreds of people I have personally invited into my home and all of the connections and true friendships that I’ve created, the answer is a resounding no. There is no way anyone could walk into a big box retailer, see a tiny little bottle of oil on a shelf with a price tag and think to themselves, “this is the answer I’ve been looking for, it’s going to change my life.”

This feeling comes from human connection, experience, conversation, vulnerability, and a deep desire to serve others.

Step Three: doTERRA simply chose to use the route of network marketing, because it was the best way to ensure long lasting change from the farmer planting the seed, to the life being changed on the other end of the bottle.

The Results of Empowerment

Did you know that 85% of the customers who join doTERRA simply get started because they only want product? They never care if they ever make a single dollar and yet they still continue to buy for years and years.

Most of the Wellness Advocates who end up choosing to partner with doTERRA and build a business start as a customer, simply wanting to learn how to use essential oils to naturally take care of their family. What happens to them during that process, drives them to have a desire to help change others lives, too.

But regardless, people continue to buy the products regardless of the opportunity for financial gain, this is what makes doTERRA so incredibly special.

Our current customer retention rate is 4.5x the industry average for network marketing brands, because these oils changes lives.

To be honest, I know many people who wanted to do the business, and EVEN when they decided it wasn’t right for them, they still continued to buy the product, because it was never about the money, it was about their health.

Empowered living and true solutions have brought hope to millions of people all over the world and I am willing to bet doTERRA is just at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to changing the world, one drop at a time.

Want to get involved?

The good news doesn’t stop here tho, simply becoming a doTERRA customer means you are choosing to become a conscious consumer.

You are advocating for change in an industry that has taken advantage of poverty ridden countries for centuries.

Choosing to use doTERRA essential oils for your health and your everyday lifestyle brings opportunity to rise out of oppression to hundreds of thousands of people all across the globe and even here in the United States.

At the very beginning, doTERRA created a non-profit called Healing Hands Foundation, so we can always have an outlet to give back and create long lasting change for the better.

We also are committed to source our plant material using something we call co-impact sourcing. This partnership ensures that people are paid fair wages, paid on time and creates jobs freeing women, children and families from devastation in ways we don’t even want to imagine.

Feel free to learn more about our sourcing and impact by visiting and

Want to join the movement of empowering lives???

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