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What’s driving your decisions these days?

It seems as though people are living in total fear, or they have worked on their ability to discern what deserves that energy and are firmly standing in their belief to take care of themselves.

The key for me is finding balance. Be prepared, be proactive but also do not panic or bring negative energy into the space.

If you’re a first time mom or have a small baby, panic and fear of the unknown or the uncontrollable might very well be at your forefront. When my daughter was first born I was terrified of everyone and everything, my biggest goal and objective was to do whatever it took to protect her and like most parents do, I assumed my doctor was the only source of that knowledge.

I discovered on my journey however, that although my allopathic doctor was very knowledgeable and a great resource, she was really only trained in western medicine and pharmaceuticals and I just didn’t feel comfortable with that being my first line of defense. My heart told me there was more, there were better and safer solutions and I could still use modern medicine when it was a true emergency and my last resort….so that’s what I did.

Friends, I’m here to tell you that you are more powerful than you’ll ever realize. The knowledge inside of you, your instinct, especially as a mother, is built in for a reason. Essential oils are a vital resource to our plant world and all of the things that surround us. They have magnificent science backing them up proven the support they provide to us, too!

With that in mind, I’d like to share with you my best tips for supporting your immune system and overall holistic well-being using our top 10 essential oils.

How to use the top 10 essential oils!

Aromatic: diffuse a few drops of essential oils or inhale them from your palms

Lavender – promotes a sense of calm and peacefulness

Frankincense – helps ground the mind and body and brings feelings of connectedness and security

Breathe – supports the respiratory system and opens airways

Topical: create a roller or massage oils along the spine and soles of feet for whole body support

OnGuard – add 5-10 drops to a 10ml roller to support a healthy immune system (can also be diffused and taken internally)

Oregano – add 2-3 drops to a 10ml roller to support immune system and boost cellular robust-ness (yes, I made that word up)

Tea Tree – add 5 drops to a 10ml roller to help cleanse the body and provide energetic protection from the negative and fear being put off all around you.

DeepBlue – add 5 drops to a 10ml roller to support muscles and soothe the body.

You’ll want to add all of the oils I’ve listed above together in a roller, fill it with Fractionated Coconut Oil to dilute it properly and then apply to spine, soles of feet, wrists, and back of neck 2-3 times per day or as needed!

Internal: when using pure essential oils like doTERRA, you can benefit from taking them internally to support the body from the inside out.

Lemon – add 1 drop of lemon per 4oz of liquid to a stainless or glass water bottle several times a day. Cleanses, detoxifies and help improve the mood.

Frankincense – add 1 drop under the tongue 2x per day to boost cellular health and bring stability and feelings of comfort and grounding to the mind.

DigestZen – take 1 drop in a veggie cap or glass of water to help improve digestion and reduce GI troubles. Also place a drop in belly button to reduce nausea.

Peppermint – add 1 drop per 4oz of liquid to boost energy, cool the body and reduce heat in the body.


Surface Cleansing: use oils like OnGuard, Tea Tree and Lemon to wipe down counters and highly trafficked areas like door knobs and light switches. These oils are non-toxic and highly effective at keeping surfaces clean.

Warm Body: make a blend of 5 drops each Lavender, Frankincense, Peppermint, Lemon and Tea Tree and fill with FCO. Apply to spine, forehead and soles of feet as needed.

Air Purification: diffuse 2 drops each of Breathe, OnGuard and Lemon and Oregano to help reduce airborne pathogens and support immune systems.

Achy body: Add 2 drops each DeepBlue, Frankincense and Lavender to a warm bath with 1 cup Epsom Salt and 1/2 cup Baking Soda to help soothe muscles and body systems.

Prevention: Gargle 1 drop each Frankincense, Lemon and OnGuard and TeaTree with MCT oil and water 2x per day, especially before and after traveling.

Hand Sanitizer: Add 2/3 cup Alcohol (isopropyl, vodka, ever clear) and 1/3 cup aloe vera to a spray bottle and add 20-30 drops OnGuard for a 99.9% effective solution for hand sanitizing on the go or at home.

If you’re new here and wanting to learn more about how you can benefit from and utilize the top 10 oils for a holistic approach to health and wellness, click to download my FREE top 10 essential oils guide!

Are you ready to get started?!

The last thing I’ll mention here is that as a community, it’s been really amazing to see how supportive and positive and uplifting our group has been during this very overwhelming time!

I hope that you feel that way too and if you’re ready to get started, I can’t wait to bring you into our community!

Cheers to proactive and empowered living!

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