The ultimate crunchy mom gift guide

Looking for some awesome non-conventional gifts for a natural/hippie/crunchy or whatever you wanna call it gal in your life?!

Look no further, the Crunchy Mom Gift Guide is here and ready to knock her socks off!

So, I don’t know about you…flowers, chocolate and lingerie are nice and all, but as someone who loves a more thought provoking and value driven gift, I figured I’d help you out and create a tool that’s useful for not just a wife, but also a friend, sister, or mom!

This gift guide is exactly that…a guide. Use it to spark inspiration, get ideas or even go directly to the shop I’ve linked it to and support other local moms, shops or companies with high ethical standards who are out there making a difference in the world!

After all, chances are if you’re truly shopping for a natural minded woman, she will very much appreciate a gift that supports her beliefs and values!

The Ultimate Crunchy Mom Gift Guide


  1. Boho Living Shop – Cornelia makes the cutest and one of a kind jewelry and home decor macrame pieces! The earrings I’ve shown here will make a statement and go with almost everything!
  2. Coyuchi Organic Robe – let’s just say that not all robes are created equal people! Many fabrics are doused with nasty chemicals and flame retardants which are a no-go for holistic and crunchy mamas! Check out this super soft and fluffy organic cotton robe so she can wrap herself up in luxury after going to the spa or even taking a bath at home! ps. I have it and it does not disappoint!
  3. Berkey Filter – clean water that is refreshing, rejuvenating and promotes health?! YES! Most women are the last to spend money on nice things for themselves and this gift will not only be amazing for her but the whole family will benefit! Moms are happiest when everyone is taken care of!
  4. Everlane Sweater – there is a revolution happening in the fashion world and many natural minded females are seeking out companies with good ethics, high quality standards and also helping to reduce waste. This super cozy sweater will look good on and shape and size and matches the needs to feel like what we put in our closet isn’t harming our planet! A must have!
  5. Homemade Soap – the cutest little online shop, with all hand crafted goat milk soap. Super nourishing to the skin and of course organic, zero waste and helps support small business! Create a little spa gift basket with a few soaps (maybe to go with that robe, wink!)
  6. Zero Waste Razor – speaking of spa gift basket, every woman who uses a razor will enjoy this! It’s not only great for a super clean shave, but helps omit plastic ending up in the landfill and helps support another local small business who is out there making a big impact! This was one of my personal favorite investments for my shower accessories! oh, and you can use that bar of soap to replace aerosol and chemically laden shaving creams!
  7. Essential Oil Clutch – these adorable clutches serve a big purpose. Not only are they beautiful but you can get one that serves as a wallet and essential oil clutch for the natural mama running around! Sew Grown is a small, family run business who helps support artisans to make a better life for themselves!
  8. Floral Perfume Oils – let’s put this into perspective. Flowers are beautiful and I love them and still do want them….but how about take it up a notch and add some floral essential oil rollers to the mix?! Rose, Neroli and Magnolia touch rollers not only smell incredibly divine, but they are 100% pure essential oils and will help improve hormonal imbalance, reduce stress and beautify the skin! Fragrances are so last decade…buy pure-fume instead!
  9. Yarrow Beauty Kit – the perfect mini kit for all things beauty. The yarrow|pom oil can be applied directly to the face and neck for increased collagen, reduced wrinkles and smooth beautiful skin. The body renewal serum helps the skin glow and also tightens and brightens. The capsules help to regulate hormones and create glow from the inside – out! This collection has been getting BIG attention in the doTERRA community because women can’t get enough of how amazing they look and feel while using it!
  10. Wooden Oils Display – maybe she already has essential oils, but they are sitting in a shoe box or cluttering up the counter. Get a beautiful and handcrafted wooden display holder to showcase them in a way where they will not only get used more, but look pretty too! Plus, you’ll be supporting another small, local business from the creators Rachel & Matt!
  11. Crystal Diffuser Necklace – crunchy moms need jewelry too!!! But, if you can combine jewelry with crystals AND diffusing, hello triple threat! LAVA essentials has the most gorgeous essential oil and crystal jewelry for your natural minded and witchy mom friends! Trust me when I say she will not be disappointed in this one!
  12. Essential Oil Diffuser – totally obsessing over this stunning white marble, high quality diffuser! The output is amazing, it runs for up to 12 hours, is super quiet and looks incredible on display! I promise, you can get a cheap one on prime, but nothing will beat this. Plus, you’ll be supporting my own personal small business, too!
  13. Crystals for Beginners Kit – last but certainly not least, crystals from one of my fave shops, Whimsy + Wellness. This kit shown is the crystals for beginner collection, but she also has some specialty pieces, as well as gorgeous essential oil rollers and containers if you want to create a little gift basket!
  14. Air Purifying Plants – this one isn’t for those who have a history of killing every plant they bring home, but it will be very much appreciated by those who love bringing the outdoors in! Head to your local botanical shop and get a unique and beautiful air purifying plant (shown here is a snake plant!).

Well, what did you think?! Do you have some rock solid ideas for all the women in your life?! I hope so!

I know gift giving can be a real challenge these days because it feels like everyone has everything already! Take some time to really put thought into what someone will find value in and know that price tag isn’t everything! You got this!

Ps. If you’re totally digging what I’ve shared here, you’ll probably love to have my free guide “a beginner’s guide to a holistic home”!

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