How to make homemade Elderberry Syrup

Are you seeking out natural remedies to help keep you healthy this season?If you have yet to experience the magic of how to make organic homemade elderberry syrup, then you my friend, are in for a treat!

Every year as winter solstice approaches, we create a batch of homemade organic elderberry syrup for my entire family. This is a critical staple for maintaining a healthy household during the coldest season of the year and is one of my favorite ways to naturally boost the immune system. Elderberries are well known for helping to prevent illness as well as helping you recover faster when you feel like crap.

Why use Elderberry?

More than ever before, moms are seeking out more natural alternatives to just about everything they can. As consumers we are becoming more conscious and aware of how important it is to understand what we are putting into and onto our bodies. Seeking out safe and natural alternatives is the obvious answer for most people.

I first learned of Elderberries when I discovered the incredible Rosemary Gladstars books on herbs for natural remedies. However, over the years I’ve tweaked a few different recipes and crafted what I feel to be my favorite creation of plant magic! As an essential oil advocate and avid user, I had to find a way to incorporate essential oils to my homemade elderberry syrup! Since using our essential oils and Elderberry Syrup we have gotten a virus maybe twice in the last 5 years (and fought it off quickly!).

So, what makes this mystical berry so dang good for you?! It’s loaded with lots of ingredients that your body and immune system will love like; Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, carotenoids, amino acids, and flavonoids. It’s also rich in essential minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus and antioxidants.

I’ll be sharing with you how you can create my recipe at home, so you can feel empowered to make some for your family this season too!

All you’ll need are a few simple ingredients and an hour or two of time. This is also a great project to include your kids in because it’s super simple and they will more than likely love to drink the concoction they’ve created!

Homemade elderberry syrup
How to make homemade Elderberry Syrup

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 3 cups reverse osmosis water (super important)
  • 4 cups organic dried elderberries (source linked)
  • Clove, Wild Orange, Ginger and Cinnamon essential oil
    • (I only use doTERRA, you can order them from me here)
  • 1/4 cup organic rosehips (source linked)
  • 24 oz local raw honey (don’t use commercial brand!)
  • a large pot (instant pots work great!)
  • mesh strainer/cheese cloth
  • funnel
  • glass jars (I got these)
  • Labels (I got this super cute kit, but used my own recipe)

Yield: about 40oz of syrup!


1. In a large pot, combine your dried berries, rose hips and 8 cups of water.

2. Allow the mixture to heat up on medium – low heat (if using an instant pot, use the sautee button)

3. Simmer on low until the mixture has reduced to about half the level of where it started (usually about 30-60 mins). Stir occasionally and use a wooden spoon to press the juice out of the berries against the side of the pot.

4. When ready, pour the mixture into a mesh strainer over a large bowl, and gently press all of the juice out of the berries as best you can. Measure what you have in a glass measuring cup, then you can pour the liquid back into the pot for the final steps!

5. Make sure the liquid is not super hot still and add your honey to the mixture, you’ll use the same amount of honey as liquid, so if you had 20oz of berry liquid, use 20oz of honey. yes…you need that much, its a natural preservative and what causes it to become syrup!

6. Add 2-4- drops of each essential oil and gently stir.

7. Using your funnel, pour your freshly made homemade organic elderberry syrup into your containers and enjoy!

I’ve literally spent more than triple the cost to buy stuff off the shelves at the local health food store. Let me tell you, nothing is better than just throwing together a quick batch yourself! You’ll save so much money and also know it’s about as fresh as it can get which means it’s effectiveness will be top notch.


Adults: take 1 tablespoon per day for maintenance, 3 tablespoon per day when actively fighting a virus.

Children: take 1 teaspoon per day for maintenance, 2 teaspoons per day when actively fighting a virus.

If pregnant, I’d recommended discussing with your doctor first. Dried Elderberries do not contain high amounts of cyanide like the bark and leaves do, but I would always consult with a professional first.

This recipe will last up to 3 months stored in the fridge if you follow the recipe as shown!

Why use essential oils?

What truly makes this recipe unique is incorporating pure, high quality essential oils. I’ve chosen Clove, Wild Orange, Ginger and Cinnamon for specific reasons that I think you’ll appreciate!

Clove essential oil is one of the highest measured antioxidants on the ORAC scale, rating over 1 million, which means it can fight off free radicals with impressive results.

Wild Orange essential oil provides high levels of limonene, which is incredibly cleansing to the body and boosts the body naturally. It’s also seasonally available in Winter. I believe Mother Nature doesn’t make mistakes, we should use what she produces when it’s naturally available.

Ginger essential oil is extremely warming to the body and also has incredible immune supporting properties. It’s particularly beneficial to your respiratory and digestive systems.

Cinnamon Bark essential oil is very effective at helping balance blood sugar and metabolism. Using this will help offset the high amounts of sugar from the honey needed for syrup and not spike insulin levels. Pretty awesome right?!

It’s super important to understand that not all essential oils are created equal. With very little regulation on the essential oil and natural wellness industry, just about anyone can sell anything and label it pure. If you’ve bought essential oils on amazon or even at your local big box retailer, I do not suggest you use them for these recipes. Please only use certified pure essential oils. You can read more about why I chose doTERRA as my essential oil brand for empowered wellness in my blog post here.

Are you new here?! If you are curious to learn more about essential oils and needing some other tips on my top 10 essential oils and how to get started living more a natural lifestyle, feel free to download my free top 10 guide! This guide is all the things I wish I would have known when I first got started!

History of Elderberry

Elderberry has a long history of medicinal use and healing benefits. It’s herbal name is Sambucus Nigra, you may have seen this in health food stores as a syrup, or even cough drops. In Europe, North America and Native American history, there are lots of awesome old folklore stories about the elder plant. It’s also referenced in Harry Potter, which of course is super cool if you love the magic of witchcraft and wizardry.

During the Middle Ages people thought that evil spirits and witches could be repulsed by pinning elder leaves around any and all entrances to the house. Floating the burning pith of elder trees on Christmas Eve would reveal the identity of the witches and sorcerers to the people of the neighborhood. Much magic is attributed to elder; for instance, wood elves are said to visit the elder forest to hear the music played on elder flutes by the wood spirits. Fairies love music and their instruments were thought to be made of elder wood probably because Hilda the mother of the elves was said to live in the root of an elder tree….the wood is traditionally used to make magic wands. The story of the Elder Wand in the Harry Potter books can be read here.

Herb Society

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and are excited to make your own homemade elderberry syrup! If so, please feel free to share it with a friend! Stay healthy my friends!

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