Top healthy habits for a fresh start

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought to yourself, I thought I’d be further along with my health goals by now? Trust me, I’ve been there too. But, it’s never too late to start! In this post I’m sharing my top healthy habit tips for a fresh start! I promise it doesn’t have to be as hard as you once thought. Plus, it doesn’t require you to count calories or spend thousands of dollars (phew, right?!).

Why is creating a new habit so dang difficult??

The main reason most people fail when it comes to achieving goals is they either make too many of them at once, or they don’t actually create a solid plan for how to get there. Imagine if you had a desire to drive cross country and just got in your car and started driving. No map, no budget, no plan at all for how you’d actually get there. You’d probably waste a lot of time and money and feel pretty freaking lost!

One of the best ways you can actually achieve this fresh start feeling is to first realize that you are very much worth doing this work for yourself. Not because you care about what other people think of you, not because that chick you follow on Instagram looks better than you and not because your mom or sister or friend told you so. You have to do this work for yourself because you love your body and all it provides for you. So, in return you want to cherish and love it and nourish it to perform at it’s best!

So often, especially as women, we get trapped into the whirlwind of personal care and beauty marketing. We buy all the things they tell us we need in the hopes it will solve our problems and desires. Or maybe we buy them because they smell so good and they have our number on speed dial. They (big brands, that is) actually pay big bucks to have scientists develop scents that will trick us into thinking we feel good.

But, what you might not be aware of, is how little regulation and safety testing goes into all of the things being sold to you on every shelf in every dang store on the market. The fragrance industry is a massive loophole in our United States consumerism society. It allows companies to hide and disguise literally thousands of toxic ingredients into anything they want and you would never know.

Why? Why would companies want to do this? I used to assume that if it was being sold in a store (or Amazon) that it must be safe! What we don’t think about is that these companies are all after the same thing, a profit. Using lab created synthetics and fragrances not only helps reduce cost, but they can also evoke emotion and feeling when we smell them. It can literally seduce you into buying them simply because you love the way it smells. Human emotions and smell is a highly studied topic and the beauty industry is no novice when it comes to this part of their marketing and product development.

Experiencing the shift….

I can remember so vividly being so frustrated with myself for all the things that just seemed out of my control. My skin was breaking out and dry. My hair was brittle and frizzy. My weight would jump 10lbs up and down in a single week. I thought raging emotions caused by pms was normal. I would miss days on end of work due to illness or headaches that made it near impossible to function.

But, it all changed when I dug a little deeper and started to pay attention to labels and ingredients and doing real research. I started to heal, my body was detoxing and allowed to perform better once I stopped assaulting it with hormone disrupting chemicals all day, every day. It might seem like an exaggeration, but the proof is in the pudding. I fully believe in my deepest soul that making these simple changes allowed me to heal more than I ever thought possible and I want to share them with you!

Now, for the good stuff…your roadmap of health habit tips for a fresh start!

Tip Number One: Drink more water

healthy habit number one, stay hydrated
Increase your water intake!

I know, you’ve heard it a zillion time already, but dang it I guarantee you’re dehydrated! Especially when we start our day guzzling coffee, then make an afternoon Starbucks run loaded with sugar, then pop open that soda can with lunch or maybe a glass of wine or two after the work day ends.

It truly feels like we are drinking plenty because the reality is we are drinking fluids. But we are NOT drinking clean, purified, detoxifying and cleansing water!

So, my first health habit challenge is for you to take your body weight in lbs, divide that number in half and make that the benchmark for how much water to consume every single day. Yes, you will take more trips to the bathroom to pee, but that’s because you’re actually flushing out and helping your body rid itself of waste that doesn’t serve you. Think of it as a great excuse to get away for 5 mins and have some peace and quiet : )

I’d also like to point out that most tap water is pretty dirty and bottled water is honestly not the best either. Ideally you want truly pure clean water, with no added fluoride or chlorine that has all the minerals in it to hydrate and replenish electrolytes. You can check the quality of your tap water here, and look into a high quality filtration system like Berkey or EveryDrop for many refrigerator models. I also like to remineralize my water by adding these drops, this makes a huge difference in your energy levels, skin and ability to focus.

Drink up, buttercup!

Tip number two: use citrus oils internally

An unexpected healthy habit for sure, but when you buy pure essential oils (like doTERRA), some of them are safe to ingest. Please do not go to the health food store or amazon and ingest those oils, big no no.

Taking your oils internally is a fantastic healthy habit that is easy to add to your routine and is super cost effective. We are talking pennies per drop! If you’re just getting started, stick with any of our citrus oils for detoxification and support to the liver, kidneys, bladder and digestive system. My personal favorites are tangerine, lemon, grapefruit and green mandarin. If you’ve always been the type to use the excuse that water is boring, it won’t be now!

essential oil infused water for a healthy habit
Essential Oil Infused Water

Now, if you suck at remembering to do things like this, here’s what really helped me out!

  • fill a half gallon container with water before bed and leave it on the counter for the next day.
  • keep your citrus oils right next to the container, at your desk, or in your cupholder in your car so it triggers your new habit.
  • set a reminder in your phone that automatically goes off each day that says “DRINK WATER!”

If you can stay consistent with this habit and stick to it for about a month, it will become part of your normal daily routine. It’s kinda like brushing your teeth or washing your face, it seems like a chore at first but once it becomes part of your self care routine, you’ll do it without a thought!

Cheers to this healthy habit!

Tip number three: clean up your skin care products

Clean Beauty routine for a healthy habit
Clean Beauty Setup

Quality skin care is a major healthy habit for a fresh start!

Okay, this is a big one. As I mentioned before, the ingredients in your products really freaking matter! If you truly want to see progress and change, you’re going to have to toss the stuff that is causing the issues in the first place!

Trust me when I say I have spent literally thousands of dollars on every skin care product out there. I’ve seen many specialists and dermatologists to try and heal my once very damaged and broken out skin. The reality is, using clean and simple skin care products was something I needed and you do too.

Now, since we all have different skin types, one certain product or type of cleansing system won’t work for all people. Unfortunately, its not a one-size-fits-all type of sitch. However, doTERRA actually has three skin care collections to choose from and I’ve tried them all! My skin did the best with a hybrid of the Verage Collection and The Essentials Collection, linked here.

If you’re using super fancy creams and crave that deep hydration, you can consider using the Yarrow|Pom botanical duo. Yarrow|Pom helps build collagen and has been my best friend for beautifully youthful skin!

How many half used bottles of skin care products do you have cluttering your cabinets and drawers right now? Be honest with yourself! It’s ok to clean it out and toss all the stuff you know you’re not actually going to use. Give yourself permission to ditch the products causing you issues and get a fresh start!

Tip number four: what you put on your body matters.

The next healthy habit for a fresh start? Your beautiful body!

I know it’s kind of related to skin care, but I honestly believe it deserves it own category. There are so many things we are slathering on the rest of our body that we definitely don’t put on our face!

Your skin is the largest organ in your entire body. Maybe I’m pointing out the obvious here, but it does absorb things you put on it even tho it’s considered a protective layer.

Those cute themed lotions from Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret, or that body wash gel from the local drug store or Sephora or Ulta are absolute garbage. The ingredients in most of those products will get into your blood stream and wreak havoc on your hormones, endocrine system and can even affect your fertility and increase your cancer risk. Uhhh, no thanks!

After ditching all the lotions and scented oils and body wash, I now only use four things on my body; essential oil infused bar soap, yarrow|pom body renewal serum, beautiful body mist and dōTERRA spa body butter.

These products are free from top toxins like phthalates, parabens, fragrance/parfum, plasticizers, degreasers, formaldehyde, SLS, triclosan, the list goes on and on and on.

I feel so incredibly clean and refreshed when I shower now. My skin is incredibly hydrated and soft using plant botanicals and nourishing oils to take care of my skin. The biggest bonus of all? When these ingredients are absorbed into my body, they can actually promote wellness and help with metabolism, hormone regulation, collagen production and reduce cellulite. I mean come on, who doesn’t want all of that?!

It’s time to get…so fresh and so clean!

Tip number five: take care of your tatas!

My last healthy habit for a fresh start is how to take good care of your breasts via your armpits. This is a super emotional and highly sensitive topic for many people. Probably due to the very high and increasingly alarming rates of breast cancer in women.

I believe that as consumers, we have the power to be empowered and to demand safer ingredients and products. We should demand products that won’t contribute to this terrible disease that has claimed so many lives already.

I want to make it clear that I am not claiming that the things I discuss here are guaranteed to prevent, cure or reverse anything. Rather, I’m sharing advice and suggestions for cleaner and safer alternatives to the conventional products on the market today.

So, let’s talk armpits.

There are two main culprits in this category; deodorant and anti-perspirant. Deodorants lining most shelves today are loaded with horrifying ingredients that are being linked to cancers and many other hormone issues. I feel they should be banned from use, but for whatever reason, they aren’t. Anti-perspirants are a whole other level of horrible-ness that actually prevent your body from being able to rid itself of toxins via your sweat glands. Go back and read that last sentence again.

Now, most women shave their armpits during a shower which is hot and steamy and opens up the pores in your armpits. We then slather on these toxic chemicals to a freshly opened wound which has direct access to our breast tissue. We do this because we don’t want to offend anyone with disgusting body odor…which I guess is a kind and thoughtful gesture???

What I want you to ponder is this, natural body odor shouldn’t actually be so dang offensive that people get close to you and want to run away! If the smell permeating your armpits is that foul, your body is absolutely in need of detoxification! Living a cleaner lifestyle will mean that you actually won’t be so stinky, major perk!

Switching to a natural deodorant can be annoying because many of them won’t work or you’ll have to re-apply during the day. Trust me, over time as you begin to allow your body to detox, you will adjust to natural deodorant and it will do the job and actually work.

I personally have all three of the different formulas of dōTERRA’s natural deodorants and love them all! I even got my husband to switch, so that should be a testimony in itself! If you tend to react poorly to baking soda formulas, try the sensitive formula!

You can also help speed up this detoxification process and promote healthy breast tissue by doing a weekly pit detox which I’ll share below.

Healthy Habit Armpit Detox:

  • DoTERRA mud mask
  • Pink Pepper Essential Oil
  • Petitgrain Essential Oil
  • DDR Prime Essential Oil
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil

Add 1 drop of each oil to a dollop of the mud mask, apply evenly to each armpit, let sit for 10-15 mins and rinse with warm water. Apply 1 drop of Tea Tree essential oil to a few pumps of FCO and massage into armpits after detoxing.

so, what’s next?!

Alright, that may seem like a lot of info, but I promise you integrating these products and routines into your lifestyle won’t take up much more time than you’re already spending in your daily life!

If you’re ready and wanting to make this transition and adopt just one healthy habit or a few, I would be more than willing and honored to coach you, encourage you and invite you into our holistic wellness community!

You can find me on Facebook or IG by following @thenestessentialsco to connect and learn more!

If you’re new here and wanting to learn more about doTERRA and how to get started with some of the products I mentioned above, click here for more info.

Loved what you learned today? Check out my free guide “A beginner’s guide to a holistic home” for more tips like this! Cheers to you!

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