Why choose doTERRA?

You could say I wasn’t fulfilled “climbing the corporate ladder” anymore.

I went to college to get a degree in Interior Design, something I was and still am passionate about.

While I was still in school I was lucky enough to be hired by an up and coming tile and stone showroom in the heart of the Bay Area that absolutely exploded into one of the most recognized showrooms in all of California and Internationally known for the best natural stone and design team around.

I earned my place as a lead designer and merchandise manager over the course of 10 years and was incredibly grateful for the friends, relationships and opportunity I was given. I worked on some truly incredible homes and met some truly amazing people along the way, but I knew that deep down I wanted more..

 I knew I would be sitting at my desk, plugging away at fulfilling everyone else’s dreams of having a home they love and a bank account that allows them to live a life of freedom, travel and giving back

 I knew that I would have to sacrifice many hours with my children and miss out on things that I was really looking forward to being there for and it honestly made me incredibly anxious and sick to my stomach when I would sit there and contemplate if I should stay with a company that very much valued and loved me or if I should take the leap and jump into something where I would be my own boss.

I will admit, the idea sounds great when your working the 9-5…but once you’re really in it and your monthly paycheck is no longer coming in and you are the only person responsible for success or failure, you realize quickly that you have to really, truly, deeply want this for yourself and usually it involves a bigger purpose.

In 2014, I got myself a Doterra wholesale account so that I could get essential oils and other non toxic home products for a discount.

 In my mind, it was a no brainer.

 I wasn’t looking for a direct sales job, or an “mlm” or even a way out of my career. I simply wanted to live a more natural lifestyle and this seemed to do just that.

Shortly after getting started and experimenting with these little amber bottles, I realized that there was much more to it than I realized. I had solutions for everyday health concerns that I once had and wanted everyone to experience this phenomenon and to be as giddy as I was!

 This stuff not only smelled amazing, but it worked!!!

 I had a newborn and there was no way in HECK I was just gonna slather on any old lotion or shampoo on her precious little body. Maybe I was having a quarter life crisis or something, but I was hyper aware of reading label ingredients and their toxicity and wanted to have control over what came into my home and I was not about to just trust anyone.

 I remember so vividly thinking to myself “if everyday medications and products are so safe and used by so many people, why is everyone so sick and suffering still?”.

So, why doTERRA?

 Why not some other essential oil company or direct sales brand?

 Why would I want to partner with someone who according to many people out there “have the most expensive oils” out there?

I’ll tell you why and it’s really simple.

 I bought Doterra oils for myself long before I even knew what an MLM was. I had never even heard of essential oils so I didn’t have a pre-conceived idea of cost or competition really.

I brought them into my home seeking out solutions for real life health concerns and without any bias or judgement or agenda I learned how to use them and they changed my life. 

My sleep was improved, my skin cleared, my digestive issues were non-existent, headaches…gone, I didn’t get sick anymore and when I did feel it coming on I was able to get ahead of it quickly, I was even experiencing emotional wellness that I didn’t even know existed. 

Once I started using these oils for my emotional well-being it became obvious to me that I was in a chronic state of worry and anxiety.

 I needed to be in control of everything and everyone all the time and when I felt that slipping away I would go downhill quick.

 I suffered really intense post-partum depression and using my oils and taking the supplements pulled me out of that darkness and I am forever grateful. 

I felt myself rising into wellness and it felt so good I knew I needed to share what I had found, my desire for more was finally being answered because I had a vehicle to do it with.

Product aside, I wanted to travel with my girls…I wanted to show them what it looked like to want more for yourself and to not let your own doubt or others doubt in your dreams take over and prevent you from chasing those dreams, I know it might sound cliche or cheesy, but I had this deep feeling in my gut that I was being called to do more, to be more, to serve more.

I decided to just jump in and go for it, after all, life is short and after watching many family members suffer from what I considered being over medicated and drugged with poisons, I needed to change my children’s future.

Now, I want to address a few other topics that I see often discussed in Facebook groups, blogs or even just face to face interactions with people when it comes to MLM business.

TOPIC 1: Products are overpriced so that others can get rich

I know that seems a little harsh, but I know that’s what people sometimes think, so I want to unwrap this little theory a little more for you in the hopes that you’ll understand why a lot of that concept is actually really good marketing in itself. 

When you buy a product at a retail store, the cost of that product goes FAR beyond the company with a profit margin, it starts with the origin of production. So, when you buy something from the $1 bin it was made in a factory by people who were likely making far less than a living wage, shipped all the way across the world in containers and mass distributed to thousands of chains so that you can buy excessive items you don’t even truly need that just end up in a landfill anyway. 

How about the money chain? Well, let’s take a look at this…you have the CEO, the team that supports the CEO, the team that supports that team, branch managers, store managers, shift manager, stockroom managers, shipping and receiving teams, truck drivers, cashiers, and more…all of them are humans like you and I in need of a paycheck to make ends meet and those stores have to push enough mark-up into anything they sell to cover all of that and guess what…the person at the top is making the most, and the people at the bottom are making the least. So, I don’t really feel that an MLM is much different than that…but there is a difference in the way doTERRA operates from the very beginning….and this is just one reason I chose to become an advocate.

Farmers and harvesters who partner with Doterra are not owned by our company, we partner with them and gain proprietary rights to the plant material by ensuring the people that they will get paid on time, get paid above living wages and that will we massively give back to their communities with donations and proceeds from our humanitarian efforts. We can guarantee long term and reliable sources of income for these small scale farms globally and impact their communities on a much deeper level than a brokerage ever would. Many times these small scale farms get ripped off or not paid at all by the perfume industries who come in and take advantage of their poverty. I purchase everything I can with a conscience of the entire supply chain and this company aligns with my beliefs to the very core.

Basically, the more hours you put in and the more lives you change, the more impact you make and the more you show up and serve, the more you will get paid and I see absolutely nothing wrong with that.

If you were to compare this model of selling essential oils to a non-mlm brand, the only difference is the payout is more like a corporation. They can drive the price lower because of sourcing methods and the people at the top make the most and then they have everyone in between scaled down to the bottom, all of them still wanting a paycheck to feed their families, go on vacations and enjoy this thing we call life. I do feel there are some companies out there selling essential oils who are doing great things and are honest and good humans, but I have zero opportunity with them to share, educate and provide for my family by partnering with them.

If you want to see more of the work happening on the ground with doTERRA and the Healing Hands Foundation, feel free to check out the website HERE!

TOPIC 2: the market is saturated.

If you consider 2% of the United States using doTERRA as saturated, then this isn’t for you. But let’s be real and look at some numbers. There are 8 billion people in the world and as of now in 2019 there are almost 8 million customers actively purchasing and using doTERRA’s brand of oils for health and wellness needs. Globally speaking, we have potential for massive growth not only in the USA, but all over the world. Our expansion, retention rates and need for natural wellness tools is not anywhere near peaked and it is far from too late to join this movement. In fact, doTERRA is on the brink of exploding into the healthcare industry with our new clinics called Prime Meridian Healthcare. This integrative approach to medicine will bring hope and healing and care to millions of people all over the country who are desperately seeking new answers to their health concerns that is backed by science, research and trusted by hospitals and doctors. With over 50% of Americans currently facing one or more chronic diseases, we need to seek out and use new strategies to gain back our health and sharing Doterra and helping others learn how to live this lifestyle is one of the best ways to do this. Prime Meridian will open up the doors for immense levels of opportunity and growth in this market and it’s not a trendy pair of leggings that will fizzle out and be last years buzz.

TOPIC 3: there is no science to back up essential oils.

Simply. not. true. In the past there were challenges with using natural medicine for treatment because the potency of the plant or the sourcing and availability of the plant were limited and could not be relied on for medical research and clinical use. Pharma has to rely on quality, consistency and potency to be able to diagnose and prescribe medications to patients and also needs to be able to monitor and evaluate if more or less is needed. They also need to know the method in which it works, what the possible risks and side effects are and how they interact with other medications. This is no small feat for the medical community and I have no doubt they work incredibly hard to try to understand all of it and do the best they can with the research that is available.

But, let’s look at what’s happening with doTERRA and the science of essential oils specifically within our company. doTERRA’s sourcing methods and purity standards have allowed us to be able to have huge levels of potency, consistency and sustainability with our essential oils. Because of these things, we have been able to partner with many research hospitals and labs to run clinical trials, do safety studies and also see the pathways in which essential oils work and how they operate on a cellular level. You can find hundreds of articles on highly established and respected resources like PubMed and APRC. We have cancer research centers working with our team of scientists to do groundbreaking studies on how essential oils could possibly benefit patients and even hospital employees in such a difficult and emotional health concern that is growing rapidly still.

Our teams in the research department are highly credible scientists from all over the world who are studying these plants and bringing the best of the best to our customers not just for fluff and good smelling products, but for true health benefit without side effects.

If you are still convinced there is no research backing essential oils, or that its simply a placebo effect, you have just not done the research yourself or taken the time to be open minded about a much needed change in our health and wellness as a whole. We have to wake up and realize that until we are willing to create new habits, change our thinking and be open to the idea that natural options do work, we won’t ever see real change with our current statistics of rising chronic disease and deadly diagnosis.

you can actually see the purity and test results for all doTERRA oils? This website also shows you the transparency and quality of our product unlike any other brand on the market, feel free to explore this site more if you need confidence in what you’re buying and WHO you’re buying it from… Visit www.sourcetoyou.com

TOPIC 4: I’d love to use them but I just can’t afford it.

This one is something I hear all. The. time. While i do know that we all come from different places of financial abundance or hardship, I want you to know that where there is a will, there is a way.

In our society, especially here in the states, we are consuming an insane amount of unnecessary items, mainly cheap, single use or short term use items creating mass amounts of waste and also spending way too much.

If we take a closer look at where our money goes and we actually start saying no to some of the random, $5, $10 and $20 items that we don’t truly need, we can easily afford to purchase wellness products.

Aside from the obvious budgeting issue, I want to bring some light to the idea of not being able to afford wellness.

If you can’t afford wellness, can you afford illness? Which is actually more important to you? Paying money to feel good, or paying money to manage your illness? Many of the items we purchase through doterra are items we would already be buying from a large corporation anyway…things like hair care, skin care, cleaning products, vitamins, etc. We’ve actually decreased our spending on personal care items because we have so few and have greatly simplified our needs for all of the items we are used to buying for everyday use.

If you’re wanting to make some changes.

If you’re wanting more natural solutions and remedies.

If you’re wanting to try something new and change your life, you deserve it.

I never fully understood the power of truly taking care of my body in the way it needs to be until I started living a doTERRA lifestyle and since then I’ve watched hundreds of others do the same thing following my path and it’s been one of the most gratifying and rewarding experiences I’ve ever had the honor of being part of.

If you’re still here with me…I know that was a lot, but I hope you can feel my passion and enthusiasm jumping across your screen as you read my words.

I want you to know that there is no gimmick here, I don’t want to secretly recruit you or trick you into some weird auto-shipment program that you can’t turn off. I also don’t want you to be in this alone or feel like you have to just figure it out and hope for the best.

I’m here to serve my community and be a part of something much bigger than myself. What’s happening with doTERRA and our community is a global movement that is changing millions of lives on both sides of the bottle and you have the chance to be part of it, too!

If you don’t already have a wholesale account and you’re ready to get started, feel free to head on over to my website and take a look at our starter kits! If you need help choosing one or you’re not sure where to start, feel free to reach out and I will personally work with you to help you get started with what fits your needs best!

In wellness,


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