Are you cleaning with toxins?!

Are you cleaning your home with toxic chemicals?! It may not seem obvious right now, but if you actually take a moment to stop and think about that question, it may become pretty clear that it’s time to take a closer look at what you are actually cleaning your home with!

Like most people, I grew up in a pretty typical home where we used bleach, 409, windex and all of the other name brand cleaners and detergents to clean the house. When I was old enough to fly the coop and get my own digs, I too went out and stocked up on all of the household cleaning basics that I assumed were necessary, needed, and let’s face it, the only choice.
As I started to earn a bigger paycheck and could buy the cuter packaging and more aesthetically pleasing bottles and labels, I fell for the classic marketing tactic of seasonal fragranced soaps and lotions and dishwashing liquids, even linen sprays! My little 500sf cottage smelled like spring blossoms, apple crisp, Christmas trees or citrus explosion pretty much all the time.
What I didn’t know….was that all of that stuff that I assumed was just innocent fun smelling cleaning supplies was actually horribly toxic and affecting my body in more ways than one. The lab-made synthetic fragrances used in those products were designed to actually stick to everything and last forever and they were also disrupting my hormones, causing massive breakouts, triggering breathing issues and probably poisoning my tiny little 7lb chihuahua, too.
Once I stumbled across the truth about fragrances (thanks, google.), I had a choice. I could either say it was BS and just keep using it or I could try to find safer and more natural products and see if anything changed. I decided to find safer choices, something deep inside was tugging at me and just told me it was the right choice. I laugh at myself now because back then finding something more natural meant looking at a label and seeing that it said “all natural”. Now I know that even that is a bunch of hog wash and is another brilliant marketing tactic by a super smart big brand companies!
Greenwashers are EVERYWHERE! It’s sad, but true. You may not have heard of this term yet, but I’ll introduce it to you now. There are many companies out there who make claims their products are “green” or “natural” or “made with essential oils” and honestly, you can’t trust the cute little words written on the label as a quick reference guide. You have to actually look at the label and somewhat know what to look for! The key here is to realize and remember that a product doesn’t need and shouldn’t have a zillion ingredients.
It makes zero sense to be cleaning your home with something that is extremely toxic to your body and your kids and quite frankly, our planet.
So, what are you supposed to do?!
Yes, I know that’s what you’re after! It’s actually way easier than you may think…
Keep. It. Simple.
You no longer need a special cleaner for all the different rooms and surfaces. You can simplify your cleaning supplies and ditch all the toxic cleaners by just using a few key recipes that will not only be better for your health, but they will be way cheaper in the long run too!
My cleaning basket includes:

  1. All purpose cleaner
  2. Glass cleaner
  3. toilet bowl powder
  4. linen spray

I promise you these recipes will have you covered and actually get the job done! All you need is a few basic and inexpensive ingredients (hello amazon prime), some reusable containers (again, amazon prime for the win) and some certified pure essential oils (do not buy oils from just anywhere…more on that later!)
yup. that’s it. Want to get your hands on my recipes?! I have them all ready to go for you in free guide that you can download by clicking here.
I hope this helps you ditch the toxic chemicals and make your cleaning routine, easy, fun and simple!

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